How to Maintain your Hot Tub with Aquablanc

Aquablanc a non- halogen (ie no chlorine or bromine) hot tub water treatment that is easy to use and particularly suitable for use in inflatable spas.  The active sanitising component of Aquablanc is potassium monopersulphate tablets that disolve to produce Active Oxygen.

In order to use Aquablanc to sanitise you hot tub you'll need to perform the following steps:

At Each 3 Monthly Water Change

Clean the Plumbing:
Add half a bottle of Spa Flush or an alternative plumbing cleaner to your existing tub water and turn on all jets and pumps for at least 30 minutes. Remove the filter(s) during this process if you are able to run your pumps without the filters in place. It’s preferable to leave the plumbing cleaner to work overnight if possible.
Drain the Tub:
Use a non-scouring pad to wipe away any deposits left on the shell as the water drains. For significantly dirty spas use a specialist spa surface cleaner. DO NOT use any household cleaners.
Clean the Filter(s):
Rinse any debris from between the pleats under a running tap, or use a Water Wand on your garden hose. Place the filter(s) upright on the bottom shelf of your (clean) dishwasher and use a powdered filter cleaner in the powder dispenser and run the dishwasher on a normal 50ºC wash cycle. If your filter(s) won’t fit in the dishwasher then soak them overnight in a suitable container using a powdered filter cleaner, then rinse thoroughly.
Allow your filter(s) to dry naturally before replacing them in the tub. This is important because the filter material will last much longer if it is allowed to thoroughly dry between uses. Filters can take a very long time to dry so it’s a good idea to keep a spare set and to rotate them each time you clean them.
Refill the tub with clean water.
Balance the Water:
Test the water using active oxygen test strips and adjust the Total Alkalinity and pH , using the directions on the water balance product containers:
  • the Total Alkalinity should be within the range: 80 - 160 ppm
  • the pH should be within the range: 7.0 – 7.4
  • the Total Hardness should be in the range: 250 - 500 ppm
You should first adjust the Total Alkalinity, then when that is in the correct range adjust the pH and finally the Total Hardness. You must persevere until you get the correct balance because the chlorine won't work effectively if the balance is outside the required range.
Shock the Water:
Use a chlorine-based powdered shock, such as Spa Shock Express, to shock the water and run the pumps with the cover off for at least an hour.
Apply an initial dose of Active Oxygen Liquid:
Apply an initial does of Bayroplus Spa or AquaBlanc A Combination liquid at the dosage recommended on the bottle.

Regular Maintenance

Every time you use your hot tub:
Add 1 Aquablanc O2 Tablet depending on the size of your spa one hour prior to bathing. It is better to add the tablets via a floating dispenser.
One hour after application of the tablets use an Active Oxygen test kit or test strips to ensure that the potassium monopersulphate concentration in the water is in the range 5.0 - 10.0 mg / litre (ppm).
NB: the pottasium monopersulphate concentration should not fall below 5 mg / litre while the tub is in use.
Test and adjust the water balance, if necessary. Re-apply the AquaBlanc A Combination liquid at the dosage recommended on the bottle.
Shock the water weekly (or fortnightly if you rarely use your hot tub use) to remove dissolved organic contaminants such as perspiration, body oil or make-up. You can shock the water with a double dose of O2 tablets if you wish, but use of a chlorine-based powdered shock, such as Spa Shock Express, will be more effective and so will extend the period between water changes. It is also a good idea to shock after any period of very heavy use or if children have been in the tub (let’s be honest, it’s not a very attractive proposition to get out of that lovely hot water to find the loo!).
Clean your filters weekly as described above.
Clean the plumbing and change the water as described above.

Commissioning a New Hot Tub on Aquablanc

When commissioning a new hot tub you should use an initial dose of chlorine to ensure that any contamination originating from the manufacturing process or factory wet tests is eradicated prior to use. You should fill the tub and apply chlorine granules to achieve a level of 20 ppm and maintain that level for 2 hours. Following this process you can obviously drain and re-fill your spa, should you wish. Alternatively it is perfectly safe to wait until the measured chlorine level has reduced to 5 ppm or below and then proceed with application of the active oxygen system as described above.
Please note : this is not required for inflatable spas that, if wet tested, will have been thoroughly dried in the factory prior to shipping.

What is Aquablanc?

Aquablanc sanitation is based on the use of potassium monopersulphate tablets.  Potassium monopersulphate works in much the same way as chlorine or bromine in that it kills bacteria and breaks down bather waste. However, unlike chlorine or bromine, monopersulphates don't produce by-products that irritate the skin or eyes and cause nasty smells.

Aquablanc (O2) tablets are used in conjunction with a weekly does of a liquid activator  which also acts as an algaecide.

How often should I add the liquid?


How often should I add the tablets?

Before you use your hot tub or weekly if it is not used.

When should I test the Active Oxygen level?

Always test one hour after application of the O2 tablets. The reading should be 5 - 10 ppm one hour after application.

What TA and pH levels should I maintain

When using O2 as a sanitizer you shoukld maintain the following water balance:

  • TA 80 - 160 ppm
  • pH 7.0 - 7.4
  • Total Hardness 250 - 500 ppm

Do I still need to use a shock treatment?

Yes. A shock is necessary with any hot tub water treatment system because there is no other way of removing dissolved organic contaminants, such as perspiration, body oil or make-up, from the water. You should shock weekly or fortnightly, depending on your hot tub use.

You can shock the water with a double dose of O2 tablets if you wish, but use of a chlorine-based powdered shock will be more effective and so will extend the period between water changes.

How important are the filters?

Filtration is a vital part of keeping your spa water crystal clear. In common with any sanitising system, you should make certain that your filtering cycle is adequate for your spa volume and usage. Clean your filters regularly using a proprietary filter cleaner and replace them every 6 - 12 months.

Filters last longer if they are allowed to dry out properly between uses so it's a good idea to keep a spare set and rotate them.

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