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Recap About Hot Tub Chemicals

Why do I need chemicals again?

You can leave the water in a hard sided hot tub for up to 12 weeks and in an inflatable hot tub for 3 - 4 weeks before you need to change it, but obviously you will need to treat the water to keep it clean and safe to use.  Enzymes alone, seaweed or any of the many other wacky options that come and go cannot kill resilient and harmful bacteria, such as pseudomonas, that will develop in the water if it is not treated properly. 

Chemicals aren't all bad. Chlorine is bad! Bromine is much better for us, but it needs to be used in a low concentration in conjunction with hot tub enzymes, like ecoONE, or minerals such as in the Spa Frog system. To be really kind to both yourself and the environment use Active Oxygen, often used in conjunction with other products, such as in the eco3spa environmentally friendly hot tub watercare system.

What do I need to do again?

It's easy! There are only four things that you need to do.

1. Remove Biofilm
This is really important for a hard-sided hot tub and can be done before you change your water every three months or so. Biofilm is the breading ground for bacteria so if you get rid of it your hot tub will be cleaner, safer and you will need to use much less sanitizer. Find biofilm removers here or use the eco3spa kit that has an environmentally friendly biofilm remover included.
2. Sanitize
Then you need to fill the tub with clean water and sanitize it to stop potentially dangerous bacteria growing.  Correct santitizing will also stop the growth of algae. The only effective sanitizers available in Europe are Chlorine, Bromine, or Active Oxygen. Take your pick from the options above and follow the instructions.
2. Filter
You need to ensure that all debris and significantly sized particles are removed from the water.  This function is performed by the hot tub filter that must be changed and cleaned regularly to ensure that it performs properly.  Any particles of organic matter that are not filtered out of the water will decay and quickly cause a degredation in water quality.  You can read more about cleaning hot tub filters here.....
3. Shock
Finally, you might need to remove any dissolved contaminants from your water (perspiration, grease, body lotions, make-up, hair care products etc etc)  by using a hot tub shock product.  If the water becomes dull, discoloured or foamy and you have cleaned your filters then this will be the problem. If you use the eco3spa kit you won't need an additional shock, otherwise by far the best shock product available, for use with any sanitizing regime, is surespa spa shock express.