Sanitising Options

Bromine Hot Tub Chemicals

When used on it's own, bromine is easier to use than chlorine and it performs better at the high water temperatures found in hot tubs.

Bromine is less of an irritant and usually smells less than chlorine.

Available in granular or tablet form.

Can be used at low concentration in  conjunction with a natural product such as ecoONE or Spa Frog.

ecoONE Hot Tub Chemicals

ecoONE is an easy-to-use, natural enzyme sanitizer that dramatically reduces the need for toxic spa chemicals and reduces filter cleaning.

Simply add a bottle per month and pop a few bromine tablets in a dispenser.

Maintains steady pH levels, so reducing foaming, scum lines and water balance problems.


Chlorine Hot Tub Chemicals

Chlorine is the traditional hot tub chemical sanitiser and probably the cheapest, but it is the most toxic and the hardest to use!

f you choose to use chlorine please be aware that it can smell unpleasant and can cause skin irritation to many people, particularly if not used in properly balanced water.

Daily hot tub water maintenance will be required when sanitising your hot tun with chlorine.

AquaBlanc Hot Tub Chemicals

Aquablanc is a gentle, odour-less alternative to the traditional hot tub water sanitisers. The Aquablanc system systems comprise two components: tablets and a liquid, which work synergistically together. The tablets must be added with each hot tub use, or weekly if the tub isn't used, to destroy bacteria and remove organic impurities. The liquid is a long lasting activator and algae preventer.

Aquablanc very closely replicates the effect that you achieve by using chlorine, with less likelihood of skin irritation and with no unpleasant smell or bleaching.

Aquagarde Hot Tub Chemicals

Aquagarde is a pleasant smelling, single step hot tub water care solution which utilises the sanitising effect of silver.

AquaGarde will not irritate skin or eyes. It is very easy to use and has been independently tested against Legionella. Aquagarde is proven to maintain hygiene and safety in hot tub water.

No skin irritation! Chlorine & bromine free.

No chemical smell!

No hassle! Just add a measured amount weekly.

Spa Frog Hot Tub Chemicals

The Spa Frog System is built into many American made hot tubs. It comprises pre-filled mineral and bromine cartridges that slot into a compartment accessed from the top of the tub.

The Spa Frog mineral cartridge enables hot tubs sanitised with Spa Frog to use 50% - 80% less bromine than hot tubs treated with bromine alone; so there is less chemical use, less chance of skin irritation and less potential for a 'chemical smell'.

Nature2 Spa Hot Tub Chemicals

Nature2 is a silver-based water purification technology that reduces chemical use and helps to maintain pure, clear water.

The Nature2 cartridge fits inside the core of your spa filter and uses natural minerals to trap bacteria and algae.

The cartridges must be used with a low level of chlorine generated from either tablets or granules.

Total Alkalinity Balancers Hot Tub Chemicals

Maintaining the Total Alkalinity within the correct range is the key to water balancing. If the TA is within an acceptable range the pH will be easy to balance and your sanitiser will work well.

Always balance the Total Alkalinity before the pH

PH Balancers Hot Tub Chemicals

Maintaining the correct pH will ensure your sanitiser works efficiently, protect the pumps and heater from corrosion and help to avoid problems caused by limescale build-up.

Correctly balances pH is essential if you are using Chlorine or Bromine as your primary sanitiser.

Hardness and Scale Control Hot Tub Chemicals

If you keep the TA and pH balanced you won't need to worry about scaling unless you live in a very hard water area.

If your water is very soft, you might need to increase the calcium hardness to unsure your sanitiser works efficiently and to control foaming.

Hot Tub Shock Hot Tub Chemicals

A shock (or oxidising) product removes dissolved organic matter and non-filterable waste from the water, including perspiration, urine and decomposing flies! - All best removed!.

Water Clarifiers Hot Tub Chemicals

Clarifiers 'polish' dull water by removing small suspended particles that filters ordinarily cannot capture. They work by coagulating the tiny particles into larger ones that can be trapped in the filters.

Antifoam Hot Tub Chemicals

Foaming is caused by pollutants in the water. Common culprits are make-up, body lotion and hair gels Anti-foam is an additive that reduces the foam formation, but unfortunately it can also make the water look dull.

Splash Spas Chemicals Hot Tub Chemicals

The original range of Splash Spas chemicals. Same excellent quality and value for money products.

surespa Hot Tub Chemicals

surespa is the UK's widest range of top quality hot tub chemicals, filters and aromatherapy.

Helping you maintain clean and healthy hot tub water from initial filling to periodic draining and cleaning, the surespa range provides all you need at competitive prices.

AquaSPArkle Hot Tub Chemicals

AquaSPArkle hot tub chemicals provide the UK’s widest range of hot tub treatment products and offer all that is needed to maintaining a clean and healthy hot tub. There is an AquaSPArkle product to meet all requirements, from initial cleaning and filling of your hot tub; maintaining clean, safe water during regular use; to draining down the water and cover cleaning.