Filter Type 1 (6CH-940 / PWW50 / SC714 / 60401 / WY45)

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Replacement for hot tub filters with reference: 6CH-940, PWW50, SC714, Darlly 60401 or Magnum WY45. Fits many hot tubs with a coarse thread fitting.

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Conventional Filter Type 1 (6CH940 / PWW50 / WY45)
Conventional Filter Type 1 (6CH940 / PWW50 / WY45)
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Microban Filter Type 1 (6CH940RA / PWW50 / WY45M)
Microban Filter Type 1 (6CH940RA / PWW50 / WY45M)
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Filter Diameter Measurement (cm)15.2cm (6")
Filter Length Measurement (cm)21cm (8 1/4")
Filter Top FinishHandle
Filter Bottom FittingCoarse 3.8cm (1 1/2") SAE Thread
Filtration Area (sq ft)50 sq ft
Filbur ReferenceFC-0359
Unicel Reference6CH-940
Pleatco ReferencePWW50
Magnum ReferenceWY45
Darlly Reference60401
Great Barrier Ref.8550
Additional ReferenceSC714
EAN Barcode0709818566967

removable hot tub filter bezelNote : If replacing an old Pleatco brand PWW50 threaded filter cartridge, be aware that these have a removable male pipe thread fitting which fits into a hole in the bottom of the filter. You may need to unscrew the pipe fitting from your spa's filter housing if it did not come out with the old filter (many spa owners are not even aware that the fitting is still in there) before you can screw in your new filter.

The PWW50 filters that we sell are moulded as a single piece, so that the threaded fitting always comes out of the spa with the filter.

A clean and fully functional hot tub filter is essential to maintain clean, clear healthy water. 

Surespa hot tub filters are manufactured in New Zealand using Reemay Advantage™ filter media which employs 100% polyester synthetic fibres to provide optimum filtration efficiency.

This filter is also available with microban protection which makes the filters easier to clean and keeps them cleaner and fresher between cleanings. Microban protection continuously fights the growth of damaging microbes such as bacteria, mould and mildew that cause stains, odours and product degradation.  Find out more about microban hot tub filters here.

The high temperatures and a wet environment of a hot tub makes filter surfaces an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria. It is important to clean grease, scale and bacteria from your filters regularly using Surespa Powder Filter Cleaner and to replace hot tub filters approximately yearly.

Conventional Filter Type 1 (6CH940 / PWW50 / WY45)

Microban Filter Type 1 (6CH940RA / PWW50 / WY45M)

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