Aqua Comb

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An Aqua Comb makes cleaning between filter pleats quick & easy.

This tool is specifically designed for the shallow pleated cartridge filters used in most standard hot tubs as well as larger swim spas. It works for filters with a fin depth between 3/4" and 11/4" (190mm - 320mm)

Before using the Aqua Comb spray cover the filter using a spray-on filter cleaner and leave it to work for 5 minutes. The cleaner helps kill any active bio-matter on the filter and loosens and softens the body and scented oils built up on the filter. The Spa Aqua Comb combines a flat 3” wide spray that acts like a wall with medium length fingered pic-comb that opens the pleats for the spray to reach in and allow the combs to scrub the pleat walls and dig out the dead bio-material, softened oils and other debris that accumulates.

NBThis product works best if your water pressure is reasonably high.

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