Aquablanc O2 Tablets - 1kg

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Aquablanc O2 Tablets are the sanitizer tablets for use with Aquablanc non-chlorine active oxygen system.

These O2 tablets destroy bacteria and remove organic impurities. They must be used in conjunction with Aquablanc Spa A Combination Liquid and should be applied to the water using a floating dispenser.

When Aquablanc O2 Tablets are used together with the Aquablanc liquid the result is very similar to that achieved by using chlorine, with less likelihood of skin irritation and without the significant disadvantages of smell and bleaching.

Initial dose : Add two Aquablanc O2 tablets per 1500 litres of spa water.

After every use : Add one tablet per 1500 litres of spa water. Apply weekly if the spa is not used.

Test the Active Oxygen level one hour after application of the tablets. The level should be 5 - 10 ppm.

A weekly application of a chlorine-based shock, such as surespa Spa Shock Express, is recommended for best results.

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Active Ingredients Pentapotassium peroxymonosulphate
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