Balboa GS501SZ Control Box

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Balboa GS501SZ Control Box

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Balboa GS 501SZ spa control box including 2KW or 3KW heater, PCB and optional VL701S touch pad control panel.

2 pump control.

2" pipe connections.

Choose correct heater rating from drop down menu above.


26.8cm x 31.1cm x 11.7cm


Blower: 1 speed (if no pump 2) 

Pump 1: 2 speed (one speed with circ / circ pump, 24hr operation with 1.5 degree centigrade safety shut off)

Pump 2: 1 speed (if no blower)

Heater: 2KW or 3KW heater with M7 technology* (15" assembly with 2" diameter)

Spa light: 10V 12W – on/off

Ozone: Available

Audio visual device power output: Available

Electrical: 240V AC, 50Hz

This pack is connected to all components via amp plugs.

The GS range of spa control systems are Balboa designed using M7 temperature & water flow sensing technology. This increases the reliability, serviceability and installation ease of the system box..

All boxes have a plastic enclosure with gasket eliminating corrosion, condensation and water intrusion. Connectors are built on to the circuit board minimizing wires and simplifying service.