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Hot Tub Cover Damage Caused by Chemical Imbalance

Hot Tub Cover Damage Caused by Chemical Imbalance
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The detrimental effect that chemicals can have on a hot tub cover cannot be overstated. Over-chlorination, excessive ozone contact, or imbalanced water chemistry are all factors that will contribute to swift disintegration of the plastic wrapping around the foam inserts inside your cover. Over time the chemicals in the water vapour make the plastic brittle and it simply disintegrates. Once that has happened it's the end of the road of the poor old cover. The foam becomes water-logged and extremely heavy and the cover no-longer provides adequate insulation so up go your electricity bills.
Imbalanced water chemistry will also cause bleaching, puffiness within the vinyl and disintegration of the stitching.

What can be done to stop cover damage?

  1. You can slow down the inevitable by buying a cover with a double layer of plastic wrapping around the inserts. It's not an expensive addition to the price of a new cover and it makes the cover last twice as long as it would otherwise.
  2. You can obviously try to use less chemicals in the water - particularly less chlorine or bromine. Test and balancing your water on a weekly basis. Alkalinity levels should lie between 80-120 and the pH should be maintained between 7.2-7.8. The chlorine level should be 1.5-3ppm and Bromine 3-5ppm.
  3. You can use a sanitising regime based on enzymes or silver that requires significantly less corrosive chemical to keep your hot tub water in top-notch condition.

Choose a cover-fiendly sanitiser

ecoONE spa monthly

ecoONE is an easy-to-use, natural enzyme sanitizer that dramatically reduces the need for toxic spa chemicals and reduces filter cleaning.

Simply add a bottle per month and pop a few bromine tablets in a dispenser to alleviate chemical odour and skin irritation.

Maintains steady pH levels, so reducing foaming, scum lines and water balance problems.

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Aquagarde is a pleasant smelling, single step hot tub water care solution which utilises the sanitizing effect of silver.

AquaGarde will not irritate skin or eyes. It is very easy to use and has been independently tested against Legionella.

No skin irritation! Chlorine & bromine free.

No hassle! Just add a measured amount weekly.

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