Splash Spas Spa Alkalinity Up - 500g

Splash Spas Spa Alkalinity Up - 500g

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Total Alkalinity increaser in an economical 500g pack.

Splash Spas brand chemicals are a high quality range of hot tub chemicals manufactured exclusively for us by the UK's leading spa chemicals manufacturer.

If the Total Alkalinity of your spa water is below 80ppm (30ppm if you are using a copper based sanitizer) use Splash Spas Spa Alkalinity Up to raise it.

Pre-dissolve the amount of product required, according to the table below, in a clean plastic container at a maximum concentration of 11g per litre of warm water.  Stir well to ensure that the product is fully dissolved and add the solution to the spa with the pumps running to ensure even distribution.

Size of your hot tub

To raise the Total Alkalinity...

10 mg/l

25 mg/l

1000 litres / 220 gals



1500 litres / 330 gals



Compatible with all spa sanitizers.


Additional Information

Active Ingredients Sodium Bicarbonate
Net Weight 500g