Sanitizing Options


ecoONE is an easy-to-use, natural enzyme sanitizer that dramatically reduces the need for toxic spa chemicals and reduces filter cleaning.

Simply add a bottle per month and pop a few bromine tablets in a dispenser.

Maintains steady pH levels, so reducing foaming, scum lines and water balance problems.



Aquagarde is a pleasant smelling, single step hot tub water care solution which utilises the sanitizing effect of silver.

AquaGarde will not irritate skin or eyes. It is very easy to use and has been independently tested against Legionella.

No skin irritation! Chlorine & bromine free.

No hassle! Just add a measured amount weekly.


When used on it's own, bromine is easier to use than chlorine and it performs better at the high water temperatures found in hot tubs.

Bromine is less of an irritant and usually smells less than chlorine.

Available in granular or tablet form.

Can be used at low concentration in  conjunction with a natural product such as ecoONE or Spa Frog.

Spa Frog

The Spa Frog System comprises pre-filled mineral and bromine cartridges.  Use of the mineral cartridge enables spas sanitised with Spa Frog to use 50% - 80% less bromine than standard bromine treated spas, so there is less chance of skin irritation and less potential for a 'chemical smell'.


Chlorine is the traditional hot tub chemical sanitizer and probably the cheapest, but it is one of the most toxic and the hardest to use! If you choose to use chlorine please be aware that it can smell unpleasant and can cause skin irritation to sensitive people. Daily hot tub water maintenance will be required when sanitizing your hot tun with chlorine.


Aquablanc is a gentle, odour-less alternative to the traditional methods of disinfecting your hot tub water using Active Oxygen.

Active Oxygen systems comprise two components, tablets and a liquid, that work synergistically together. The tablets must be added with each use or weekly to destroy bacteria and remove organic impurities. The liquid is a long lasting activator and algae preventer.

Nature2 Spa

Nature2 is a silver-based water purification technology that reduces chemical use and ensures pure, clear water.

The Nature2 cartridge fits inside the core of your spa filter and uses natural minerals to trap bacteria and algae.

Used with a low level of chlorine.