Supa-Vac - Vacuum and Pump Combined

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Supa-Vac - Vacuum and Pump Combined

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Underwater vacuum for clearing debris from the bottom of hot tubs and small pools.

Also acts as a pump to empty the tub!

The Supa Vac Pool Water Care Maintenance Kit allows you to quickly clean an average spa or splasher pool in just minutes. This underwater vacuum set uses your water hose and jet suction so no additional poles or pumps are needed.

It can also be used not only to clean, but also to empty the pool or pond. Simply connect the supplied venturi attachment to the rear of the supa vac.

  • Suitable for Above & Inground  ground, splasher & paddling pool, Portable & inground spas, Fountains, ponds and water features
  • Venturi designed vacuum cleaner takes no time to suck up all the bits lying on the floor.
  • Can  be used to empty your pool using your garden hose when you need to refresh the water.
  • 2.5m long Drainage hose.
  • Filter sock to collect debris.
  • 1.2m Telescopic pole in three easy to assemble sections
  • Garden hose connection.
  • Accesories included

Quick CleanSimply fit the Filter Sock to the rear of the Supa Vac with the retaining clip provided, connect your garden hose, turn on the tap, and the venturi action will quickly vacuum the dirty waste material into the attached filter sock.

Easy EmptySupa Vac provides a simple solution to the problem of how to empty any pool, pond or fountain which does not have a pump, filter or discharge equipment. It is alo ideal for emptying spa pools which are not fitted with sufficient drainage equipment. Simply connect the Venturi Pump Attachment (supplied) and fit the drainage house (supplied) to the barbed fitting. Immerse the supa vac below the water surface and turn on the tap.

Kit Contents:

  1. Supa Vac Underwater Vacuum
  2. Venturi pump attachment. 
  3. Filter Sock (to collect debris) 
  4. Filter sock retaining clip. 
  5. 2.5m Drainage hose (for emptying)
  6. 1.2 m telescopic pole. 
  7. Snap fit garden hose connection