ecoONE Starter Kit

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ecoONE Starter Kit

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3 x Eco One Spa Monthly - 236ml   +£37.71
1 x Splash Spas Bromine Tablets - 500g   +£13.30
6 x AquaSPArkle Spa Fusion Aqua Sachet   +£10.50
1 x Splash Spas 6-Way Test Strips   +£8.86
3 x AquaSPArkle Immerse AquaSachet 2 x 50g   +£10.29
1 x Life Deluxe Floating Dispenser   +£11.87
1 x Splash Spas Spa Alkalinity Up - 500g   +£6.02
1 x Splash Spas Spa pH Up - 500g   +£5.78
1 x Splash Spas Spa pH Down - 750g   +£6.79

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If you are new to hot tub ownership this is the pack to start you off. All you need for at least 3 months, chlorine-free and SAVE OVER 30% on the cost of buying these products individually - plus an extra 10% with your club discount

In Splash Spas ecoONE Kits the natural sanitizing effect of the enzymes is augmented by a low, safe level of slow-release bromine sanitizer and test strips to give you the confidence that your spa water is 100% safe, 24 hours a day. Splash Spas ecoONE Kits meet all BISHTA guidelines for spa water sanitation and are now available in a handy carry boxes

Our Eco One Starter Kit contains everything you need to set up and start using ecoONE in your tub for three months. The pack includes water balancers, bromine tablets and an excellent, controllable floating dispenser, bromine test strips, shock, filter cleaner and three bottles of ecoONE Spa Monthly.

Most importantly, this pack contains straightforward usage instructions, making maintaining your spa water in tip top condition really simple and quick.

If you are new to hot tub ownership this is the pack to start you off.



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